Papers Under Review & Draft Manuscripts

Barr, A., Wallace, C., Henrich, J., Ensminger, J., Barrett, C., Bolyanatz, A., Cardenas, J. C., et al. Homo Equalis: A Cross-Society Experimental Analysis of Three Bargaining Games.  PDF
McNamara, R.A., Willard, A.K., Norenzayan, A., & Henrich, J (2018). Weighing Outcome vs. Intent Across Societies: How cultural models of mind shape moral reasoning. PsycArXiv Preprint. Online Access.
Muthukrishna, M., Doebli, M., Chudek, M. & Henrich, J. (Under Review). The Cultural Brain Hypothesis: How culture drives brain expansion, underlies sociality, and alters life history. PDF
Muthukrishna, M., Henrich, J, Toyakawa, W., Hamamura, T., Kameda, T., & Heine, S. J. (2017). Overconfidence is Universal? Elicitation of Genuine Overconfidence (Ego) Method Reveals Systematic Differences Across Domain, Task Knowledge, and Incentives in Four Populations. SSRN Working Paper. Online Access.
Schulz, J. F., Barahmi-Rad, D., Beauchamp, J., & Henrich, J. (2018, June 22). The Origins of WEIRD Psychology. Online Access (PsyArXiv)Online Access (SSRN)