Papers Under Review & Draft Manuscripts

Muthukrishna, M., Doebli, M., Chudek, M. & Henrich, J. (Under Review). The Cultural Brain Hypothesis: How culture drives brain expansion, underlies sociality, and alters life history. PDF
McNamara, R.A., Willard, A.K., Norenzayan, A., & Henrich, J (2018). Weighing Outcome vs. Intent Across Societies: How cultural models of mind shape moral reasoning. PsycArXiv Preprint. Online Access.
Muthukrishna, M., Henrich, J, Toyakawa, W., Hamamura, T., Kameda, T., & Heine, S. J. (2017). Overconfidence is Universal? Elicitation of Genuine Overconfidence (Ego) Method Reveals Systematic Differences Across Domain, Task Knowledge, and Incentives in Four Populations. SSRN Working Paper. Online Access.
Barr, A., Wallace, C., Henrich, J., Ensminger, J., Barrett, C., Bolyanatz, A., Cardenas, J. C., et al. Homo Equalis: A Cross-Society Experimental Analysis of Three Bargaining Games.  PDF
Muthukrishna, M., Francois, P., Pourahmadi, S., & Henrich, J. Economic potential, leader power, and culture predict corruption.